Bories and Beauty overlooking Bonnieux

Whenever I am asked about my job at Hosted Villas one of the first questions I often get is “do you get to visit the villas?” and I am very fortunate to be able to answer, Yes!

As often as possible, the Travel Advisors here at Hosted Villas hit the road to visit our villas and ensure they are being perfectly maintained, explore the regions and meet with our amazing Local Hosts to stay up to date on all the latest insider tips. On a few special occasions we are given the opportunity to meet with the owners of our stunning properties.

On a recent trip to Provence, my colleague Jessica and I had the distinct pleasure of sharing lunch with the owner of Les Trois Fontaines – a dual-home property that overlooks vineyards, the rolling countryside and off in the distance, the charming town of Bonnieux. Joining us was one of our amazing Local Hosts for this home Pamela.

When we arrived, the table had been set on the terrace of the upper house, a bottle of rose chilling, crisp baguette ready to be enjoyed with local cheeses with fresh greens picked from the garden. The view from my seat was stunning; the main house standing proud in the distance surrounded by vineyards, cherry trees, olive trees and lavender.

While the views were certainly incredible, the lunch conversation was equally as interesting. During this visit, the owner shared with us the history of the Borie, a beautiful stone structure that sits beside the upper house pool. A Borie is traditionally a dry-stone structure shaped into a hut that can been traced back to the 13th century in the Luberon region where Les Trois Fontaines is located.

Before we left, she offered us a beautiful gift set of her favorite bath products. While most people think L’Occitaine is the only French product to swear by, she is a believer in Domaine de Boyeres. DdeB Provence is a small company out of Saint Martin de Castillon whose products are sold across the Provence region. After trying them myself – I could not agree more!

Spending time with the owners is a unique privilege that allows us the opportunity to learn more about the history of the home and really get a true feel of the property. This knowledge is then passed along to our guests to ensure that we match the perfect home to the perfect guests each time!

Until next time,

Lauren – Senior Travel Advisor

If you enjoyed this post and would like to learn more about Les Trois Fontaines please contact or click here for more information.

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