What we Love: Italy in the Fall

Sure, summer is prime-time for most travel to Italy, but those in the know (i.e. the Italians), think fall is really where it’s at. Here’s why we love Italy in the fall:

  1. EPSON DSC pictureThe heat and scorching sun of July and August has tempered making the days enjoyable for sight-seeing and walking.
  2. The vineyards are busy with grape picking and wine-making.
  3. In October the olive harvest will begin with that wonderful smell of pressed olives coming from the local mills. Some towns in Umbria and Tuscany have olive oil festivities when the harvest is complete. 
    Grapes on vines 100x200 sept 2011 NL
  4. Mushrooms adorn the forests! The “boschi” woods are full of various types of edible mushrooms – the porcini being the queen of the forest.
  5. Villages and hill towns often have smaller festivals and events that are not as crowded as the famous summer events. For example, in November (this year November 8th and 9th ) many towns will have the Frantoi Aperte – open house at the olive mills. Perugia hosts a larger international festival in October called EuroChocolate. This year October 16-25.
  6. Fall colours carpet the hills and mountains making day trips in the countryside a feast for the eyes and soul.
  7. November can be cool, often mixed with fog and some rain but it makes for a superb time at our houses equipped with big, open fireplaces and cozy living spaces. Toast chestnuts on the open fire and have a glass of the “novello” new wine.
  8. October and November are months where one can feel like a true Italian. There are very few tourists and you can visit the treasured churches, museums and galleries with no lines or waiting. _MG_1380
  9. Come and go on a truffle hunt – see how it is done today and then sit down to a full course Italian meal of truffles from start to finish. Begin with a bruschetta (toasted bread) drenched in freshly pressed olive oil and topped with truffle spread and move on to either hand-made tagliatelle with truffle grated on top right there in front of you or better yet, scrambled eggs done the Italian way leaving the egg barely cooked and then covered in grated truffle and chunks of truffle. You can order a Florentine steak and have fresh truffles on top and finish the meal with a digestivo made from truffles.
  10. And last but not least, rates are down to mid and low season levels for most houses. Come and enjoy our exquisite properties and let our informative and friendly local hosts show you the true Italy.
Cerretone Villa

Cerretone Villa

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