It’s Palio Time!

On July 2nd, the Tuscan town of Siena celebrated its first Palio of 2013. The Palio is a world-famous horse-race run through the Piazza del Campo — the town’s main square. This race pits a horse from each of Siena’s ten contrades against each other, and much local pride is on the line. This event is definitely one of the highlights of the European festival season — and if you missed the race on July 2nd, you can always catch the second race run on August 16th!

Here are some photos of Palios past:

The Piazza del Campo is normally a lovely and spacious town square, filled with cafes and tourists snapping photos.

Piazzo del Campo empty

As the race draws near, the streets fill with processions and singing.

Piazza del Campo full

The Piazza del Campo starts to fill with excited crowds.

palio photo 2

Lots of fanfare.

Palio photo 1

And they’re off! The race lasts 90 seconds. The post-race parties last hours.

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