This December: Get Your “Lime On” in Anguilla

To Lime: to hang out and socialize with friends, ideally for many hours and with no plans to leave. It’s a word unfamiliar in hectic North America, but on the tiny Caribbean island of Anguilla, “liming” is a way of life. And there’s no better time to get into the island vibe than in December and January, when the long cold nights of winter start to wear you down.

Meads Bay Beach - edited

Pristine beaches — like Mead’s Bay — await across the island.

We asked Local Host Trudy to tell us just what makes Anguilla the place to be when the winter holidays roll around.

“December is the busiest time of the year in Anguilla – particularly the 2 weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year. Many large family groups come, some returning year after year to see their friends and family on the beach. All the restaurants are packed and you need to book everything in advance if you want to make sure you get exactly what you want – including car hire, boat trips etc… There are special dinners and parties at the hotels and restaurants on NYE.


The boat-shaped bar at the famous Elvis Beach Bar, Anguilla. Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor

The winter holidays are also when lots of celebrities travel to the island. Last year, to name but a few: Sir Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Robert Downey Junior, Queen Latifa, Liam Neeson – list goes on but they stay pretty quiet when they are here. There’s no paparazzi which they like, because Anguilla is a discreet location. You may spot them on the beach or at one of the restaurants, relaxing with the rest of the laid-back locals.”

If you want to get your “lime on” in Anguilla this holiday season, do it the Hosted Villas way: with a stay in a beautiful private villa and with the signature insider knowledge of a Local Host.


An unbeatable view awaits at Ocean Ridge villa



Lounge the day away in the stylish rooms of Villa Eden

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