Falling for France in 2013- Two Great Reasons

There’s no doubt that France is travel heaven at any time of year, but we think that the fall is an especially perfect time to visit. The weather is clear and sunny without being too hot, the tourist crowds have mostly gone home and France’s world-renowned cuisine truly blossoms with the harvest.

Clear skies and blooming vineyards define France in the fall…

Truffle-Hunting in Dordogne: November is the start of “truffle season” in the Dordogne. This is when the delectable tuber melanosporum – The Perigord Truffle — is ready to be harvested. But before you can eat these nuggets of goodness, you’ve got to find them first! Past guests have enjoyed a truffle-hunting excursion accompanied by a truffle-sniffing dog, and followed by a 3-course meal featuring — you guessed it — truffles! This time of year is a delight for lovers of French food.

This delicacy is fun to find – and to eat!

Les Trois Glorieuses in Burgundy: Wine production (and drinking) is the heart and soul of life in Burgundy and on the third weekend of November, wine lovers from around the world descend on the beautiful medieval town of Beaune for three days of tastings, parties and wine auctions in and around the Hospices de Beaune. Known as “Les Trois Glorieuses,” this celebration of vin is considered one of the greatest food and wine events in the world, and is not to be missed.

Beaune - hospice

The magnificent Hospices de Beaune is the heart of wine festivities in the fall.

Interested in experiencing fall in France for yourself? We can make it happen with a stay at one of our gorgeous villas.

Château de Queynac- a beautiful 16th century château near the pretty market down of Le Bugue in the Dordogne.

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