Experience the Perfect Palio

The Palio in Siena can be a fun, albeit somewhat overwhelming experience for any visitor to the city. That’s why we recommend attending the Palio with the guidance of a local expert — someone who can help you navigate the busy roads and even busier streets, who can get you the best food and the best views and make your Palio an event to remember — someone like our Local Host, Kim. Here’s the magic she made happen for our recent Palio guests.

street in Siena

Siena’s streets fill with revelers during the Palio

“I managed to get the owners of the apartment I had booked for the Palio to open it up early for those who didn’t want to walk around. We then arranged to drop off a big bag with tons of junk food and snacks and camera equipment the guests had so they wouldn’t have to carry it around. We walked to the restaurant and I explained a lot about the historic buildings, history of Palio, etc. on our way. After lunch, we all went to the baptistry 50 yards away which is not to be missed. It was beautiful and they liked it a lot. Afterwards we went back to the apartment, and everyone looked around and were very impressed with it.

I could tell that they were starting to really get into the Palio atmosphere and enjoy the day. I took a few members of the group back out and showed them some places of interest in Siena. We stopped at the Duomo for the historic parade and the bishop’s blessing of the contradas, and then headed back to the apartment for the rest of the afternoon for the Palio viewing. Since it was a long day they decided to forego the dinner reservations and instead we got special a pizza for them. They loved the pizza and said it was “Perfect!”


HV guests watch the race from their VIP spot in an apartment overlooking the square

The Palio race itself was very dramatic and exciting.  The guest’s mom almost cried, she was so overcome with emotion from just being there in the apartment for the experience.  That made it all worthwhile to me! They left right after the race was over and got the the bus fine, beating the crowds and I spoke to the driver and then to the guest on the phone to make sure they got to the bus okay, and she was happy and excited they experienced it.”

Want your own VIP Palio experience? We can make it happen, with the help of our amazing Villas and Local Hosts in Tuscany.

Just a 20 minute drive from Siena, Cerretone is the perfect Palio base

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