Paris or Provence?

The Ionic City of Light vs. The Countryside Charm

Paris vs Provence

When planning a trip to France, it’s always difficult to decide exactly which France you want to see. Will it be a vacation dominated by rolling hills and vineyards, or a metropolitan holiday marked by open boulevards and the scent of fresh coffee? In a perfect world you would see both, but if that isn’t an option, which do you choose: the urban oasis or the charming countryside?

Paris: city living in a cultural mecca.
Baccarat Palace -Paris, France

Baccarat Palace -Paris, France

Your Hosted Villas accommodations in Paris will be a luxurious apartment with easy access to all of the sights of Paris. Upon venturing out from your stylish temporary home you’ll immediately begin soaking up the city and living like a local. The exciting hustle and bustle of Paris is marked by its highbrow cultural scene and lively nightlife, perfect for a dash of stimulation. The museums, galleries and iconic attractions can deliver a whirlwind experience of Gallic flair with the opportunity to experience food of divine quality on every street corner. Need the perfect ensemble for the opera tonight? Have a personal shopper take you to some of the best boutiques Paris has to offer and be draped in exquisite fabrics and designs. From food to fashion, Paris is a beacon of style and culture worldwide.

Provence: a getaway to the lavender fields.
Les Rochers- Provence, France

Les Rochers- Provence, France

Provence offers a more relaxed vacation experience for those craving a little more serenity. Don’t let the visions of sedate country life fool you though, there’s still much to do and many places to see. You’ll not have to rush here since half the beauty of Provence is on the ride to your destination, just cruise the open roads meandering through charming scenery. Your Hosted Villas Provencial retreat has both the authentic flair of history and grandeur, all the while offering the modern touches you and your family will want. A relaxed afternoon sampling differing wines at a local Chateau, stroll through history as you move from an old aristocratic residence to a Roman ruin, an opportunity to ponder the origins of the French language or perhaps even European identity itself. Take a bike trip to the local market and sample bodied reds or crisp white wines from a canteen and gather the freshest produce to give to your personal to use in the gourmet meal they’re preparing later. The food you’ll find to be more along the lines of rustic fare, where the service is warm and the portions generous. Spend another day by your pool and soak in the sun and lavender-scented air while taking in views like none other.

To visit France is one thing, but to truly experience France is something only Hosted Villas can provide. Our Local Hosts live and breathe these regions and offer you and your family local insight that no guidebook or online forum can give you. When you travel with Hosted Villas, you let go of the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. When you travel with Hosted Villas, you take the kinds of vacations you’ll talk about for years to come.

So have you decided which French vacation is for you? Start booking now!

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